The California Netball Association

Defining the Role of the C.N.A.


To clarify the role of the C.N.A., means explaining the history behind how netball was founded in California.


Sharon Fluxman from South Africa, started the C.N.A. in 2000 with a Thousand Oaks based team she named "The Comets". She began talks with local Recreation & Parks authorities to promote netball in California. Sadly, she returned to South Africa a year later, but before she left, she put in place a committee to carry on the work she'd started.


To date, the C.N.A. has been based in Thousand Oaks simply because this is where Sharon lived and she was the initial driving force of netball in California.

Each year at the AGM, we encourage member clubs to put forward nominations for positions on the C.N.A. committee - we currently have representation from Comets and Waves - and our goal is to achieve a well-balanced committee each year.


Netball Governing Bodies


I.F.N.A (The International Federation of Netball Associations)

I.F.N.A is the sole governing body for netball worldwide. It started in 1960 as the International Federation of Women's Basketball & Netball when members from England, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the West Indies joined forces.


IFNA Regional Associations: Africas, Americas, Asia, Europe, Oceania - each have 2 representatives at IFNA.


National Netball Associations

There are currently 41 National Netball Associations. Approximately 7 million people worldwide play netball. Netball in the Commonwealth countries has more active participants than any other sport!


U.S.A.N.A (United States Netball Association)

USANA is a developing organization founded in New York in May 1992. It has affiliates in 13 states across the USA - California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, NewYork, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington DC, Virginia. The USA National Netball Team is currently ranked 16th in the world, a fantastic achievement for such a newcomer.


C.N.A. (California Netball Association)

The CNA currently has three member clubs - the San Francisco Southern Stars, the Santa Monica Waves and the Thousand Oaks Comets. With three members, the CNA is now an official and visible member of USANA. We have fostered an excellent relationship with our governing body and because of these established links, have access to umpiring exams, national trials, tournaments, and at some point in the future, sponsorship and programs for schools.


CNA Member Benefits


Without membership to USANA, we would not have been able to receive umpiring qualifications for the seven players who passed tests in the last 2 years, nor would we have the honor of sending a member of our association to Jamaica for the World Championships as part of the US netball squad.


Below are some additional reasons clubs choose to maintain membership of the CNA:

                     membership of USANA (a profile and therefore a voice)


                     website (club page)

                     information (CNA Newsletter)

                     advertising (a recent development and excellent resource)

                     annual tournament and fixtures

                     rule books (currently 14 per club)

                     umpiring clinics (thank-you Sonya)

                     umpiring exams

                     national trials

                     a dedicated netball court for use by all (and hopefully more courts to come)


At the last AGM, the California Netball Association set its goals for 2003.


1) to redefine and maintain links with USANA

2) to establish a calendar of fixtures and meetings

3) to set an official budget

4) to increase awareness of netball through marketing and advertising

5) to send teams/a combined Association team to the National Championships in New York

6) to begin to extend invitations to other Associations and clubs to visit and play

7) to promote the building of more netball courts


Please remember, the CNA works on your behalf - it is your vehicle for suggestion and change and we appreciate all and any participation.


Let's have a fantastic 2003, playing, promoting and enjoying NETBALL!!!


Karen Walker


California Netball Association

March 1st, 2003