San Diego United Netball Club - Membership Information

We would like to invite anyone who is interested in playing netball to join the San Diego United Netball Club.

We are excited about playing netball in California. Our club was formed in April 2003. We have players of all nationality, ages and abilities, some of us havenít played since school and some of us have never played. Itís a great sport and we have a great bunch of girls too.

Come and play with us at practice to see if you enjoy our workout and game. If you decide to become part of a new team and club you can join as a member of the San Diego United Netball Team.

Please contact us for venue and practice times.

Please wear comfortable work-out clothes and be ready to warm up. Please leave all jewelry at home - This is for your safety as well as others. Please be sure to drink plenty of water and wear sunscreen when the sun is shining.

Please tell all your friends and families about us and get them to come and play/support too. We look forward to seeing you at the next Netball practice!

Membership Fee

 The membership fee is structured as followed:

  • Full yearly member fee ($80 prorated) covers the club's insurance, games fees and membership to California Netball Association (CNA) and United States of America Netball Association (USANA) our governing body. For more information about the benefits of CNA membership please click on this link for an explanation of the role of the CNA
  • New member fee (TBA) covers full year membership plus uniform and rule book.
  • Social member fee ($2 per training session) covers the training. Social member may play in the friendly matches (with an insurance waiver) and in the tournaments (as substitute for full members).

    - Affiliation to California Netball Association (CNA) and United States of America Netball Association (USANA) our governing body.


Our uniform kits include top, border skorts and jacket (optional). They are made by Nike. Jacket and cap sleeve top has San Diego United Netball Club embloided on the left chest.

The cost for all 3 items is $128.25.

The cost for top and skorts is $73


  If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact any of the club officers.

Nicole Robb


President San Diego United


Sharon Semple



Anthea Jeffcoat

Social Secretary

Narelle Gorman and Justine Murray



Robyn Rapoport


Diane McCreary


Bo Lee

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